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Always in Contact .

Children age 4-10 are known to explore the world around them. As they take their first bold steps outside, they need your supervision and guidance. Aiko Watch is the perfect solution for you to stay in touch with your school or pre-school child. It’s easy to call and fun to send voice messages to a circle of contacts of your choice. Also, Aiko Watch has a range of notifications to inform you if your child is not wearing the watch, is too far from home or is in trouble.

Simply Gorgeous .

Being parents ourselves, and knowing how much children love animals, we decided to design Aiko Watch in animal theme. And based on children preference, tiger design was chosen as the winning one. The result is a beautiful watch we love and use in our families.
Besides telling the time, Aiko Watch is much like a regular mobile phone. But taking into account the complexity of today’s smartphones, we took great care in making it simple and intuitive. Aiko Watch is controlled by finger gestures on a touchscreen display, and from our experience, children learn quickly how to use it.

Sophisticated Design for Children to the Last Detail.

Aiko Watch One.

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